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Tay Chinyi Helena



Hello,  I’m Chinyi Tay, a Singaporean living in Singapore and India, with a passion for working with people. My purpose as an Executive Coach is to partner with leaders at every level to lead through inspiration and start a transformation within their teams, spans and the organisation. The roles I necessarily play for my clients include being a trusted sounding board, an astute observer and an honest conscience, as we work together through the tangles of behavioural habits, attitudes and perspectives that stand between leaders and their full potential.

My international experience across industries ranges from service and hospitality, to artist management to personal empowerment through theatre and the arts; and for the last 20 years, in leadership development and coaching for multinational organisations. This allows me to identify with the situations and life experiences of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and enables me to bring value to my clients - by identifying the right strengths and helping them recognise and seize growth opportunities from any event.  Simply put, it brings me joy to stay open, connect and enable people to achieve the breakthroughs that they seek.

Some areas of specialisation are:

  • Transformational Leadership with Growth Mindset
  • Dealing with Change
  • Optimizing Engagement and Retention
  • Planning for Succession (Individual and Organisational)
  • Managing & Engaging Cross-Cultural Team & Stakeholders  (and remotely)

Training and further education

  • Executive Director- Oscar Murphy Life Strategists  (Singapore and India)
  • Life Strategist, Life Coach and Behavioural Master Trainer
  • MA Sociology & Psychology